Truth Bomb

Everything is f**ked. That's the price for evolution, especially with technology and the ever increasing population of this flat old earth. Pretending we aint polluting the planet or that climate change is a myth is just deflection. Corporate companies after short term gains. It’s human nature to chase down profit by any means possible.

I think where it all gets messy is the ‘right’ agree to A and the ‘left’ agree to B - and as per usual there is no middle ground, just two Spider-Men pointing at each other. There are no other letters to align to, just A or B. That’s it. The climate change protesters are just so wet with their actions. An inconvenience created, no different to being stuck on the M25 at peak traffic or in a crowded Central Line tube.

I think the vast majority of us probably (to some degree) think about the issues at hand but it won’t impact your life right now and considering the amount of people killed in wars all over the world, we still aint got our sh*t together in more pressing matters.

And those that defend super daft political perspectives just because they are on the right and thus have to agree with everything the right stand for are too committed with taking a side. Mostly because it’s the opposite of those on the other side. And there has to be this game of conflict where both sides claim to consolidate their viewpoints when comparing them to the polar opposite. Melts. Much like the ice is.

That’s how simplistic we are. Just pick a side. No time for intricacies. Why? Because we don’t have said time or patience, and everything has to appeal to a mass ‘audience’ of varying intellectual levels. It has to be vanilla. Nothing too exotic. It has to be easy to digest.

It’s like politicians blaming video games for gun violence. Everything deflects onto a topic of discussion that is utterly irrelevant to the problem. Then like a real-life Truman Show, we move onto the next news headline. Governments facilitate corporate greed. It’s hardly a conspiracy theory.

The left, the extreme left, are currently worse than the right. Cancel culture, abusing rights to freedom of speech to fit their agendas, demonetisation by social media platforms…it’s a bit of a 1984 parody. Not a very good one.

This fear to cause offence is bordering on satire.

Is the planet heading for extinction? Sure, yes. When the sun implodes in about 5 billion years’ time. These protests won’t do much to help. The issue is that most of the problems we’re facing won’t be our problem, we'll all be dead. Which happens to be the point of the sit-down protests.

Saving the planet for the future children is redundant because we'll all be plugged into virtual reality holographic hubs and never leave our homes. We can hardly look away from our phones, no getting away from the internet when you’ve got an implant lodged into your head.

The day we f**ked up is the day you could no longer look up to the night sky and see the stars. The Industrial Revolution. Actually no. Go back to the Stone Age. Or when primitive man discovered fire and created the BBQ.

Progress means competitiveness which means short cuts which means we mistreat Mother Earth and her limited resources. We could have electric cars decades ago. But no. Corporations need to sell all that oil and the car industry is in bed with the oil companies so blah blah blah $$$$$.

Yeah, it bugs me out, what we’re doing to the Amazon Jungle. Also I’m pretty sure that eating meat and the effect it has mass producing this only accounts for a tiny % of the problems and that emissions from cars and air crafts and the like will persistently be more damaging.

But this is the price of progress, whilst we walk around in trainers made in sweat shops by children that alternatively would probably have ended up being sold for sex as a way to make money.

But look at us now with our £1k smartphones and accessorises and robots swaggering around on the surface of Mars. Look at us now with people living on the streets, homeless, and kids getting blown up in countries we couldn’t care for because of that other contradictory stain on humanity; religion.

We are completely detached from everything that should matter and persist with primal urges to fight and f**k each other over. Christ, I could do with a magic mushroom right now. F**k you Tony Blair.

None of this sh*t even matters. This is probably just a simulation.

Earth ceased to exist billions of years ago. We are all dead already, just lines of code, behaving as we’re meant to behave. It’s probably the billionth time this simulation has run and in every single instance, I’ve never seen Tottenham win the league.

Think on.

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