Left behind


Daniel, it's 10:31 a.m. on Sunday morning. An article by the Evening Standard has come to my attention. Apparently Tottenham's place in the omnipotent top four placings in the Premier League is under threat. From Everton. High spending Everton. We've not splashed any money yet this summer meaning we're lagging behind the ones that have. Thanks to journalistic logic we are the team most likely to fall out of the upper echelons. Recent form and momentum, not much of a consequence in influencing proceedings. Daniel, I see a pattern developing again.

2016 season - Written off before the start of the season. Crystal Palace and Stoke 'leaving us behind' in terms of bolstering their midfields. No depth in ours. Slow start. We end up 3rd (although everyone knows we finished 2nd in the title race). Alas, no silverware, but Lilywhite supporters blessed with an incredible journey of self-discovery as we matured and imploded with high octane brilliance. Identity defining. 

2017 season - Written off as the other 'big clubs' were quite obviously going to wake up and muscle back into their rightful home above us. Didn't happen though did it Daniel? 2nd place this time, and for the second successive season the only other club (aside from the leaders) that sustained a challenge. Identity blossomed. Still no silverware.

2018 season - Written off as...well...I'm sure you get this colourful picture I'm orally illustrating for you. The doubts that linger are always blown away by our football and Pochettino's leadership. No matter what happens in the summer before the kick-off. Tottenham are deeply in amongst it, fighting to have that identity be all-encompassing. 

Of course, this doesn't mean that our organic drive forwards shouldn't be aided with more freshly squeezed juice. We have something others don't. Unity and that aforementioned momentum. But here's the harsh truth that perhaps the Standard were edging towards. We could stagnate. Others could rival us for that togetherness that binds team with supporters and generates that essential belief factor that fuels hope and dreams. Which means we won't be alone in pushing towards the top. 

We have cutting edge but it's anchored to a single dimension. Take Chelsea for example, a club that can play poorly and still win...against the big teams, including us. They have that extra pinch of pomp to select from. The semi-final is a prime example. To keep us running and to keep those close to us chasing, we have to find an extra step to our swagger. That step would need to see us lead in the race, something we've yet to experience.

I cited consolidation the other day.  We need bolstering, I don't need to say that out loud. I've just said it out loud again, Daniel, haven't I? You know it, we all know it. Yet recent history will say that Spurs are at their best when there is no expectancy to perform. Even though pundits have hyped us up and told us what we need to do to compete at an even higher level. I can't shake off the feeling that once the dust settled from the previous campaign they all favoured the usual group and pushed little old Spurs aside again.

Kettle has boiled. Time for a cuppa.