I actually laughed out loud reading these comments from our leader. Ultimate trolling. Casual as you like, almost mocking the tradition of desperation that transfer deadline day brings. Does he know something we don't?


"There are a lot of rumours and I am not going to comment on them."
"I will come in the morning for training. Then in the afternoon I will be at home and having a siesta."
 "Then I will be watching football, maybe some game from Spain and go to bed early because we have a big game against Norwich."
"Daniel Levy will be at the training ground until 11 or 12 with three or four phones!"

(quotes nabbed from @HotspurRelated)


Think there's only two questions for me.

1) Will Moussa Dembele (that's the Fulham kid, with two 's' in his name) go back there on loan until the summer? Everyone's reporting the medical. It was probably completed before it made the news. But if he does go back on loan (which is logical considering his age - we did the same with Dele Alli) then is there another viable option for the here and now?

2) Can we expect a final twist in the Saido Berahino transfer saga that sees the player finally escape from his hellish imprisonment at WBA?

The second question should be accompanied with a 'yes' but whether that move is to us or Newcastle remains to be seen. Plenty has been made of comments from Poch about 'mentality' and signing players that will fit in and not cause problems. Yet the reason Bera is perceived as troublesome is because of a couple of ill-advised tweets.

He's in the position he's in (benched mostly) because he wanted to leave and Jeremy Peace caused war with his reluctance to sell (even though it was obvious at the time that Tony Pulis wanted to let the player go).

Are they waiting for the player to sync back into his role as a WBA player? Get his head straight? Or has that shipped sailed?


Brace yourselves. Deadline day still has some life in it.