Transfer day is dead


No blow-up dolls. No blue dildos. The transfer window shut and the resulting sh*tstorm was Spurs fans slating the eternally maligned Daniel Levy for yet another disastrous January where we failed to consolidate. Consolidate what is the question I need answering. I'm going to do my best to muddle through this musing without the constraints of a pro or anti agenda. Yes, once more I aim to find balance in the Facere whilst the rest of you lean towards the dark side. Dare I suggest nothing much happened in this opening month of 2015 because nothing much tends to happen historically, aside from the fortuitous occasional gamble (and the best profit margin in the land).

We needed to bulk up in 2006 with Jol and again with Redknapp. Those seasons arguably deserving of the 'disastrous' tag with hindsight as we endeavoured to push forward and stagnated instead thanks to that lack of extra cutting edge and depth. This time round, I don't think the necessity is there mainly because unlike prior seasons there isn't a do or die ethos to what remains ahead of us this season. That isn't defeatist and in no way am I suggesting we have enough about us to be fully secure from the ills of injury or burnout. To be truly content and consistent, Pochettino's job isn't going to be completed in a single season.

It's obvious that the likes of Kaboul, Capoue and Adebayor are going to leave the club. I do question the ethics of attempting to get rid of Ade this (past) window without bringing in someone to replace him. If we believe that he almost signed for West Ham United then it appears Spurs value him more away from our club to the point of sacrificing the options we have up front from a tentative three to two. Although the theory of hope that has the player offering something between to us between now and May is only based on the fact he can produce a purple patch of form every so often. The not so hopeful caveat is that a minority have booed the player since his return and the foundations for him to stand strong are crumbling beneath his feet.

Apparently Levy cancelled any potential move based on the fact he didn't want to strengthen West Ham United because he considers them rivals. West Ham rivals? Sure, if we're planning on moving to Lego Land whilst the stadium is built, then yes we're rivals. It was then summed up perfectly by David Gold stating '...however no matter how hard you tried there are people out their that you just can't do business with'. That's our Daniel. Or maybe David was simply gutted there were no dildos advertised for free on Sky Sports News this year.

Poch - as recently written - knows his core side based on the current squad and the club will once more attempt to move away the players that have no future, cometh the summer. I do scratch my head and wonder how much of this story arc about Adebayor wanting to leave / us wanting to get rid of him is true, to the extent of how we imagine it to be. I'm talking about the desperation of us welcoming a quick move without that replacement and the player himself willing to escape to Upton Park. Why? Because it's fairly disparaging to now have him return to training and be part of a team that continues to look up towards the top four places and a cup final and a European cup run. Just how professional can everyone involve be?

Do we have enough about us to compete?

If we can't buy the players we want to buy until the summer then within the club there must be a degree of acceptance that we continue to dig deep and achieve some moderate success pertaining to progression (re: Poch and his methods) and take it on the chin and allow the summer to be the defining moment for the head coach to start moulding his side by removing the failures of our previous attempt.

I don't buy all this 'Levy isn't supporting Poch' train of thought. The mistakes we've made in the past involved purchases of players for positions we didn't need and players for the right positions but the wrong players or never buying anyone when it was the right time to do just that. You might argue now is that time again but once more, think back a month or two or three and where everyone's head was. Most had written the season off as a transitional one that will not offer us much excitement. It's still transitional.

We'll revisit this in the summer. In the mean time we can argue if Dele Alli (from MK Dons) is a Levy 'young and English' poster boy with future profit in mind or the type of all action midfielder that will fit into the football Poch wants his players to play. He's signed but on loan and will probably see a fair bit of his current clubs ground when we make the move there whilst the new stadium is built. What? Oh yeah, sorry, I can't help but lose myself in the realm of fiction every so often.

Lennon's departure (on loan to Everton) is one that you can query based on whether we needed him as backup, but aside from a short spell earlier in the season he's not been involved and again it supports the rumours that there might have been a falling out at some point or maybe he just doesn't fit into our plans. The former sounds more likely. The fall out story is the one concerning Kaboul allegedly kicking off and one or two backing him against the rest of the dressing room - although I'm sure Lennon backed down (allegedly) and sided with the younger heads in what was probably his Benedict Arnold moment.

Honestly, I hope there is some truth in there that there was a argument/power struggle in the dressing room. Fighting spirit and players caring enough to speak up for what they believe in. There's going to be the odd victim or two but it's for the greater good. The 'club captain' might have been appointed out of misguided faith, however the squad worked through it and from the looks of it claimed some character - on and off the pitch.

So to end this for the moment, is Harry Kane with a broken Roberto Soldado and a deputising Nacer Chadli enough fire power for us? Probably not if Kane suffers from the 'I' word (I won't spell it out in case I jinx it). Will Adebayor still play a part and find redemption for one final time?  We didn't even bid for a lower Premier tier/Championship side backup striker so the clubs confidence appears to be stronger than ours. Over to you Poch and co.

More on Lennon and BAE in separate articles.


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