Eye of the storm


What's happening? Not a lot. It's transfer deadline day after-all. We won't see much action until Jim White parachutes into the Sky Sports News room via helicopter to shout very loudly about nothing at all whilst periodically looking at his phone to see if he's received any ITK before shouting again and then screaming when something mundane eventually happens.

Will any of the narrative involve THFC? Of course it will. We are the go to team for when someone wants to make something up. However, in amongst all the hyperbole there's some elements of truth attempting to creep out:

West Ham to steal club captain Younes Kaboul in what the Hammers fanbase will no doubt call their 'Sol Campbell' moment as they celebrate Spurs as their new nursery club to pluck talent from
Lennon to Stoke. That's the club not what he's going to do to the ladies up north. He might have rejected this move. I've got to be honest; Stoke, Hull Leicester or QPR - it reads like a list of glue factories
MKDons kid Dele Alli to sign and be loaned back. It's about as close to the feeling of the signing of Rafa van der Vaart we're gonna get
Adebayor to West Ham (they can't stop with the plucking) has stalled. Which is funny because that's the best word to describe Ade's career. The likelihood of this happening is about on par with Adebayor giving up Instagram
Etienne Capoue to WBA on loan to confirm that if you wish to derail your career you join us first
Paulinho to Inter for £20M. Problem? /trollface

One certainty to celebrate was the undeniable truth that Spurs announced Harry Kane's new contract today quashing any rumours that Real Madrid would steal him. I'm pretty sure this (the contract rather than the Madrid fantasy) was whispered about weeks back so looks like Daniel Levy has pulled ye olde defelcto on us all. Good news held back for a day of no news. But then do any of us truly expect to see something magnificent happen today? Nah. With us still reeling from what happened a couple of summers ago (the not so magnificent) I'm now thinking we just do what the Basque do (with some adjustments) and just promote academy players. Obviously, we couldn't just seek out players born in Tottenham because most people in N17 are Arsenal fans.

So we might see the odd player leave. We might not. It's less exciting than folding up your clothes then keeping your socks on for a single missionary position with the missus. If something unexpected happens I'll faint when it's made official. I've got to be honest and say I'm distracted with something else.


(H) Arsenal

(A) Liverpool

(H) Fiorentina

(H) West Ham

(A) Fiorentina

(N) Chelsea

Reminds me of being the kid in the playground that has to run the gauntlet.

'It ain't gonna hurt, I promise...'

Sometimes I think we're bloated on the over consumption of football. Too many games, too much discussion, over analytical and just over it. Then I look at the month ahead and I can't contain the the fear that will no doubt accompany every single one of those games because losing any of them would be abhorrently messy.

Bring it on.