Antoine Griezmann v Memphis Depay


Is this the first set of sexy players of the summer linked with a move to Spurs? Journos citing we've bid 20 million Euros with Real Sociedad for Antoine Griezmann. They're holding out for 32. We've also been linked with Memphis Depay of PSV. No, I'm not wetting myself in anticipation but I like the idea that we're flirting with a more refined left-winger(s) than what we have currently. Even if it's borderline fantasy.

You're going to point out we've already got flankers in our squad that are meant to be able to play out wide (and invert) but perhaps last season was enough for all concerned to cut our losses and aim higher. The flanks were an absolute mess last year, especially with the way we played with a sole striker that was either drowned in the congested when we inverted or left alone up front to die when again because traditional left wing play was pretty much non-existent.

Doesn't quite match up to Pochettino's suggestion that major changes are not forthcoming if these two stories are real, something you can argue with Davies and Vorm signing. But that doesn't discount the potential for at least one surprise. It would give Poch an opportunity to have success with his own signing, cementing part of his identity and philosophy rather than simply rejuvenating the left-overs of a previous regime.


footnote: I misspelt philosophy and the dictionary suggested syphilis as an alternative spelling. It must know this is a Tottenham blog.