Daniel readies himself for another moneyshot


Daniel Levy, the bane of our lives. On the one had he doesn't speculate enough at pivotal moments of our progression, although arguably you can question the targets Harry Redknapp wanted compared to the ones Levy supposedly desired to counter that dig. Shifting forward a little, we then sold Gareth Bale allowing us to explode all over the transfer market with a demented money-shot blinding all below. Such was the eruption it's left us limp ever since.

This summer, we're spending again but we're also selling. Who cares how it balances out as long as we strengthen the squad and first team? Seems the one area where Levy is allowed a slap on the back and a manly handshake is when we sell players above and beyond their value. When he does that it's genius.

Sig. Possibly Rose. Maybe Dawson. Livermore before them. I guess the inception at Hull City and others is doing the trick.

Wouldn't call Sig average but his performances have been just that at Spurs. Another victim of never really having a settled role or position at the club. We do love selecting players with the sole purpose to compensate in an area of the field where we don't have a genuine option because that player is busy compensating elsewhere too.

We are now being linked with big name players (even though Vorm and Davies have yet to be announced officially, and they are not big name signings). Davies brilliantly appearing with Spurs in Toronto via a club training video, before said footage was removed. It's a done deal but either the announcement requires mentions of others (Vorm, perhaps a departing Sig) or Spurs and Swansea are practically there with agreeing it but not legally officially or something. I don't know. I don't care. Is he at Spurs in the USA wearing our colours? Yes? Great. Then we've got our selves a new scapegoat, I mean left-back.

As for those actual big name signings that we should be saving our excitement for (if you've got some left from the other big signings made last summer, remember them?) - they are being dismissed as improbable due to the fees these 'stars' will cost the club and whether we can actually move quick enough to match an acceptable valuation. The speed is solely down to Daniel 'through the k-hole' Levy and Franco 'I'm in Rome scouting players at Roma' Baldini both in prime positions to negotiate.

For a club that never appears to have any money, Bale sale aside, we've always been competitive (erratically when it comes to making the correct decisions - it's all very ambiguous, as net spend is very little but perhaps that's the only way we can retain a competitive edge). So even though I'm not going to work out the profit margin and applaud the maths, I expect Spurs and Levy to do what they always do. As much as they can based on their own internal objectives and constraints. We'll bitch and complain if we come up short. That's our job and we do it about as well as the chairman and others do theirs.

'As much as they can' in this case equates to 'backing Pochettino'. Which hopefully means we sign and sell players to the benefit of retaining a sense of stability and steel in key areas. Because we all know 5+ new signings for the first team is never going to turn out alright.