Thunder at the Lane


If you don't see a problem with what the club is doing wrong by partnering up with StubHub, no-one is likely to have success changing your mind.

For the rest, doing something about it, making your voice heard is the only way the club will recognise we are football supporters, we have an identity and as romanticised and deluded as it will sound - we are the club, we are Tottenham Hotspur.

Some of us are happy to complain about ENIC and Daniel Levy but never actively offer a solution, instead making their voices heard by slamming those that want to be proactive. Pretty much sums up why nothing gets done and how modern fans are so accepting of whatever it is their club dishes up. I'm hoping we make even more noise when the time comes for safe-standing at Premier League clubs.

To be honest there are plenty of things wrong at Tottenham. Some are consequences of the way football is run, problems that are institutionalised and are beyond our means to influence. Or are they?

If we can't unite against something like StubHub I can hardly envisage the day we all march down the high road to the West Stand gates protesting for ENIC to sell up and leave (theoretical example, not suggesting it, we hardly turned up in numbers for the anti-Stratford march).

Not looking for an argument. I appreciate strong opinions are usually matched by equally strong and differing opinions. I get it, football is a different experience from one supporter to the next. Nothing wrong with standing on the edge and not involving yourself with the politics. Nothing wrong with involving yourself with the politics either.

Purely coincidental that on the same day Spurs release a statement where they subtly blame the supporters (rather than the system that encourages it) regarding over-pricing tickets on StubHub, the Thunderclap on Twitter took place (over 500 people signing up to have the same message tweeted at the same time promoting the below link). The club also plan to review and change the terms and conditions. So I guess they have listened. Or until we know how it plays out, they might just be playing us again.

One thing is for certain - the  electronic age rules the roost.




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