Dnipro away


No Lloris, Kaboul, Walker, Lennon, Adebayor or Defoe travelling to Dnipro. Players out injured include Sandro (again), Lamela and Sigurdsson. Expect the kids and the odd £25M fringe player to feature. Tim Sherwood claims we're taking it seriously. We're quite obviously not.


It's tricky to take anything football related seriously considering the violent protests in Kiev. Latest from Dnipropetrosk? There's a peaceful demonstration under-way. There's also a demo planned for tomorrow before kick-off. UEFA don't expect the game to be called off. Spurs are keeping an eye on it. Somehow doesn't seem fitting to stick a football match in amongst the troubles and a day of national mourning.

From a purely footballing perspective, I've not thought much about this tie to be perfectly honest. Not until right this moment. Does Sherwood want to win a trophy or would he prefer to prioritise a top four position? Not sure which one is more difficult. Considering we're never going to shape up with full strength in this competition and the fact we've got knocked out both of the domestic cups then I'd refer you back to my 'we're quite obviously not' statement regarding our ambitions for progression - although we really should be doing so.

It's been such a downbeat season I reckon a cup final and some of that old fashion silverware and a day out will raise a smile. Yet once more the pull of Champions League qualification will win the day even if we end up losing the fight to attain it. Rather watch us getting spanked by Real Madrid than playing on a Thursday night. Although I'd rather watch us win something than any other alternative. Not sure Bill Nicholson would approve if we didn't aim as high as possible even if there is less chance of success - at the current level we preside in comparison to others.

I've sold out haven't I? This probably means I'm going to need to drink a lot and then smack myself for allowing my soul to be corrupted so effortlessly. On the one hand we hate how money has changed football and on the other there's no way of avoiding it if you want to play top tier football.



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