Being for the benefit of Mr Soldado


For the benefit of Bob Soldado
There will be a game tonight at White Hart Lane
The Partizans will all be there
Chiriches and his maverick flair, expect some pain

Inverted wingers and pitch invaders and Levy
dancing through a Archway of real fire
In this match Mr. S will try to score

The FIFA playing Mr S.
Performs with feet inside the box every week
The home fans try to dance and sing
As Mr S tries his best to find a streak

Messrs Levy and Baldini assure the public
Their spending spree will be second to none
And of course Paulinho's touch is absolute crap

The drum begins at five past eight
When Mr S performs his trick with unlucky rebound
And Erik Lamela will demonstrate
Ten rabonas he'll undertake on solid ground

Having been here a season in preparation
A splendid time not guaranteed for all
And tonight Bob Soldado is cursing the ball