Thought of the day (do you want him back?)


Don't see a problem with Berbatov returning. He'll fit right in amongst all the other Spurs players our fans love to hate. Best player to scapegoat ratio in the league.

We do need another forward that can handle playing alone up front, you know, just in case someone breaks Adebayor or he fizzles out of form. Are we cash-strapped or not seeking to over-spend having done so already in the summer? What about Sherwood's comments about Lamela and Chadli playing in more forward roles? Soldado better if he has a partner. Defoe is off so there has to be another option. Kane still not able?

If Berbatov is a consideration, is this a stop-gap much like Tim might be to Levy? One temperamental striker is enough, two vying for the same position is just asking for trouble. However, this particular temperamental striker will hit the ground running. Or rather jogging. Walking. The occasional stride.

Still, apparently it's a good move if it materialises because Berbatov knows the club. Of course he does. He used us for his trial to impress Sir Alex and went on strike to claim a move to the Old Trafford club. Where ironically his expressive genius diminished into cameos. Although his medals might suggest otherwise.

Irony, how you taunt and tease me. He was one of the best footballers I've seen at the Lane in modern times. He could still do a job for any one that would have him.  At Fulham it almost feels like he's semi-retired. Maybe the squirrels at Hotspur Way need a caretaker. Maybe for a fee comparable to pittance we can be forgiving. After-all, we did embrace the likes of Gallas and Adebayor.

Fickle is football. You can't blame some players for wanting to leave for the riches of Champions League but if we forget and forgive, then the only lesson learnt is that stepping stones are acceptable. Maybe we should sign him so no one else does.

"Hello,'s Daniel. No need for you to come to work today. I've scouted this one on my own"

Yeah right. Can you really see that happening?

And that's the January window summed up. The end.