Ade and Andre sitting in a tree


No agenda with this, just theorising and generalising off the back of us and them in-fighting between Spurs fans wishing to claim the rights to being correct. A lot is being made of the fact that Adebayor and Eriksen are flourishing under Tim Sherwood, proving that Andre Villas-Boas made his job untenable by failing to attain a confident standard.

The point of interest is that Sherwood isn't starting Capoue and allegedly this has to do with the player not impressing the coach on the training field. A falling out, be it one that can be considered fair (if true, not to disparage Capoue as I don't know what happens on the training field). We all know and have seen Capoue perform and he's more than capable. Not had a consistent run in the side after his return from injury. We might end up selling him. If we do, this is off the back of Sherwood taking a disliking to him and deciding he's surplus to requirements. If so, how is this any different to any given falling out a coach has with a player?

Well, for starters, we appear to assume (always dangerous) that this is purely football. It might not be. It might be attitude. Which makes sense. Although from a footballing perspective, Tim has not required an out and out holding midfielder so far.

If Capoue is sold, then he's (Tim) been backed by the board to do so. Which is incredible considering we've only just signed the player but again, it's evidence of a falling out that we're willing to let him go.

So, to tie this up with the past (it's very muddled theorising - I'm on a lunch break, wasting time) -

If Adebayor mugged AVB off, regardless of the incident or if it was political or perhaps something else concerning his time off (I can't imagine it's this considering the reasons for his sabbatical) then AVB is more or less right in not playing him. He'd be weak if he did. If you make a stand you don't sit back down. Unless the reason was petty and his stubbornness and ego consumed his decision. In which case, the bigger man makes a sacrifice of vanity and backs down and admits to his error. It's called man-management for the good of the team.

It's pretty much a grey area I'm frantically attempting to colour in. But from the outside it does seem that people within the club wanted Adebayor back in the team and AVB declined to allow this to happen, ignoring the advice of others - possibly even players. This might be one of the reasons for the problems in-house that the Portuguese manager has alluded to and his subsequent 'lack of support' comment he's since made.

Ade is in a perfect situation. He was always going to rejuvenate the front line of our attack. He had something to prove and thanks to AVB's inability to get us functioning in the final third, this has been amplified - when the reality is, the only requirement was to simplify it. Something Sherwood has done.

In the end, the best thing for the team was having Adebayor in it. AVB failed us on this from a purely selfish perspective he upheld thanks to personal pride. Although if this was Man Utd with Fergie the player would have been transferred listed. His reasons might have still warranted the isolation of the player. If it was over a beanie hat then, it's ridiculous. If it isn't and much like other coaches, Adebayor p*ssed off his gaffer, then the only **** up here is from AVB not justifying his decision by letting the football do his talking. If Soldado was banging in goals left right and centre, this rebirth of Spurs would not have been necessary. Probably. Maybe.

The player can only claim to have no grudges against Villas-Boas because regardless of whether he does or not, he looks good by stating it and tbh, I like Adebayor. Sure, he always seems to be an extension of Spurs rather than being Spurs. I know his contracted to us but City still pay half (or more) of his wages and there will always be the Woolwich about him. Because of his erratic form and this recent forced hiatus, he still resonates constant detachment. That's just me. If he continues this form from now till the end of the season, he'll have done himself some justice to his ability. That would be more than enough for me to forget his past indiscretions.

None of it really matters. Fact is, Adebayor is scoring and is a revelation compared to the tumble-weed finishing we had previously.