Gone fishing

Really doesn't feel like the season has started yet. International break is like some bloke that once upon a time was one of your best mates, turning up to c**k-block you when you're attempting to pull a fit bird. The timing isn't great and his cameo is completely unnecessary. No one invited you so why do you persist in turning up to ruin my fun?

Not that long ago I would blog prolifically during the club hiatus but alas, I am running on empty and I'm in desperate need for service. I'm going to disappear for just under two weeks. Speedos packed. Social media sabbatical. Blogging, emails, television, the lot - boxed up whilst I reconnect with the planet and enjoy the weather where it's consistently hot.

I will be completely detached. Well, 99% detached. I will endeavour to catch the Norwich game and will hope that Spurs take their first step towards a more fluid, high tempo, pace enriched display that sees no 1-0 sneak win or opposing team parked bus leading to a far more frustrating score line. Shock and awe please Spurs.

Yes, we are more robustly prepared and structured and more deliberate in the way we approach games under AVB. Perhaps less naturally dynamic and free to express but once more remember that patience is key. We lost a derby match the other week against a team. Key emphasis on 'team'. A team that has since added one new (opportunistic) signing (granted an excellent one). Whereas we are a squad that will seek to identify a unit of eleven in the coming weeks and months ahead after the foundations of last season and the further injection of new players this summer (along with some house cleaning with a fair few leaving). Hopefully all this will not to the detriment of too many lost points whilst we evolve.

Good to remember the early season form we had at the start of AVB's tenure. Took a while for us to get going. This time we're not missing the pieces, we just need to slot them into place. It's hardly the most puzzling conundrum. Well, that's the hope. 

Once that connection with midfield to attack is made and that spark reignited, once the new players acclimatise...then we'll see what Team Tottenham can do and by the time the next derby is played, we'll be looking at something a touch different to the one that played out below par. The likes of Eriksen will provide the craft and Lamela that unpredictability, that something out of nothing that Bale gave us. AVB has more than the single escape clause now. The trick is to never be in a position where we need to escape.

Elsewhere, I'll pass on commenting on England. Happy we won, but the passion isn't there. Functional like paid for sex (so I'm told). In and out. Nothing to shout about.

FA Chairman Greg Dyke had a few words to say about the impact of the influx of foreign signings. I guess if we had truly excellent English players they'd all be playing abroad.

The Kyle Walker balloon story is so irrelevant it's borderline embarrassing. The story isn't even new. It was probably parked in the first place for being a non-event. 'Hippy crack'? Come on now tabloids, half the country has probably had a line or two. We (most of us) all either drink or smoke. Someone takes laughing gas and you expect me to pull down my 'I love Kyle' poster off my bedroom wall?

Nitrous Oxide, it's legal. You know, like the aforementioned booze.  

As for it causing chronic depression, how about going after Tottenham Hotspur for ruining most of my childhood and adult life? I still haven't fully recovered from the 1990s.

Elsewhere, Adebayor claims he had no intention of leaving Spurs.  I'm still holding out for a 'season 1' Adebayor in what will be his third year with us. I'm serious and I've not inhaled anything. I promise.

Stadium news. The club have changed architects to those that designed the Emirates and Wembley (along with the Olympic Stadium). Apparently the plans are to retain the original design that include close proximity of stands to the pitch. Only 'internals' are to be re-looked at. I guess by internals they mean some ilk of drainage system to make sure the gents toilets don't get swamped in p*ss at half-time.

I truly hope the club seek to avoid a 'modern arena' similar to Arsenal, Man City and Wembley.  'The Wall' (kop style end) and the general look and feel of it (in the original artists impressions) was almost a throw-back to, well, what we have now but to a grander scale.

The atmosphere at Spurs (or any given ground) is a popular discussion point. It's insane that it even has to be discussed. I know I've been preachy in the past but to clarify - if you go to a game you don't need to stand and sing, you can support how you wish. And vice versa. The crux is that some have taken a dislike to those that do wish to be vocal and the very fact there is fragmentation tells you everything you need to know about the English footballing culture.

Us and them - at the same club, it's hardly a good thing. But compare us to other countries where there is no self-doubt or questioning (granted not all countries have perfected it either, but how do you perfect an environment for grown men, women and the young and still cater for the 'consumer' whist attempting to create a noisy, colourful experience?)

Then you've got practically everyone up against the club for a multitude of different reasons.  Be it, persistent standing, freedom of expression, the Y word, the call for safe standing to be introduced in top tier football, ticket prices, the lack of a genuine attempt to capture and care for the next generation of supporters that cant afford £50 a pop for a game.

Our new stadium is pivotal. The support won't change in that the same people will attend, but there will be potential for new fans to be present and we've seen the impact of this down the road and up in Manchester.  If the development is there to actively create a ground that demands atmosphere rather than cater for comfort, then this will encourage a positive reaction to those that attend.

Biggest concern is the delay in the project kick starting. All ground work has been done, but I don't know, perhaps I'm being paranoid. I don't quite have a handle on ENIC's end game with this. Build the stadium then look to sell the club or do everything that needs to be done to allow someone else to come in and pick up the cheque.

To counter that, it's worth remembering that even though another delay of 3-5 years might seem like forever, this club has been around for 131 years and will probably be around for another 131 years. We're hardly going to seek to do anything that will damage the long term. Although I'm sure the revenue from a 55/60K + stadium will be more appealing that what we get for 36K.

Still, Levy almost did do just that with Stratford - an easy fix, a short cut. Staying in N17 means we have to take a scenic route financially to get this job done. 

Okay. That's all I've got for now.

You know the score, just argue amongst yourselves as you normally do whist I'm out of office.

There was a recent problem with the comments section that meant some of you (including me) could not access it. It's apparently been fixed (this issue was impacting site on SquareSpace which is my host). I've had it confirmed again that it's fixed - however, if you're still having problems and you're not using the very latest version of your browser - try updating it and then try again. 

If you fancy it, I recommend listening to this past weeks The Fighting Cock podcast - includes some cracking insight into the Spurs youth set-up and the changes that have happened before and after the emergence of Andros Townsend and the current expectations of wingers (inverted) at Spurs - all knowledge wonderfully provided by Troy Townsend. Rob White and James Maw from 442 (magazine) are also on.  

You can also access the podcasts here on DML - http://www.dearmrlevy.com/the-fighting-cock-podcast/ 

If, during post-Norwich, you want to share your match opinions and give me something to read on my return, do so below in the comments section and try and keep it tidy.

See you on the other side when I'll return with a body mass of 83% rum and chocolate brown coloured tanned skin.