Back from the sun kissed skies of the Canary Islands to the dark brooding clouds of Greater London. That's if I bother to look upwards. I'd rather just turn and face N17 where the shine is positively blinding.

I say I'm back, but to be perfectly honest I'm still a little detached thanks to complete avoidance of social media and forums. I've also decided not to read any articles or write-ups as to avoid being influenced on a couple of things I want to scribble about later. Once I've re-synced back into normality I'll have a look to see what the consensus is. After almost two weeks of diving into the water, I'm reluctant to do anything more than just dip my toes in.

Discussion points?

The Y word. 

Norwich and Tromso.



The upcoming 'congestion' of games. 

The holiday, for the frequent dwellers of this site that are interested, was wonderful. Even though it had some dramatic moments reminding me harshly that when you're away with a partner + child it is borderline whether you (as an adult) can refer to the break as an actual holiday. More like full time work punctured with a few hours of pretending to be Jaws in the pool and telling bedtime stories to a three year old in the afternoon to induce a siesta so old man Spooky can catch some extra time with the sandman.

I managed to see the Norwich game. Also watched Gareth Bale perform functionally for Real Madrid. Meet an Everton fan that believed they might challenge for a top four place. Focused my attention instead on the deflation of his 'son in law' (he had tattooed wings on his back) when Swansea levelled for the draw. Clipped.

I feel refreshed. I also feel the season is about to truly start now. My optimism for once has an air of, dare I say, assured belief that might pass off as arrogance (of the subtle type, the one you keep to yourself and don't gloat about). Even though this is Tottenham 'a work in progress' Hotspur, it all feels so much more tangible and progressing to a definitive conclusion in terms of standard of expected play and matching ambitions.

Everything feels right even though not a lot has happened yet. But that shine out of N17 isn't blinding to the point of confusion. It rather just lights up the path we need to take. Skip or swagger, that will be the part that makes this season enthralling for us.

Oh hold up, I can still smell the rum fumes. I'll be back when I sober up.


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