Roberto not Sold yet

Latest from Valencia, from a Spurs fan (@Spurspanyol) that lives there - via the news outlets there. This isn't |TK. It's a mixture of the latest news from the local newspapers which have closed ties with the club and are more than likely aiding them in strengthening their siege mentality. Some opinion is also mixed in with the info shared below.


AS are reporting that his pictures were removed from the photos promoting VCF's friendly with AC Milan. Balotelli (of AC) replacing him.

The issue with Soldado wanting to leave is maybe the reason why this is being made so difficult.

VCF were preparing to offer him a new contract so he'd see out his career with them. Soldado decided this year summer that he wanted to go.

VCF have adopted a "our way or the highway" approach to selling him. They want two payments of 15M€. Not small instalments.

They are obviously preparing for life without him and he with them. Hopefully common sense will take over and this will be sorted soon.

The press are obviously backing VCF in this and loving that hard stance after years of selling their better players for relatively low fees.

This isn't a ploy to get a new contract. He's told them he'd like to leave and the team he wants to join is us.

I guessed that the deal with be completed today (not from sources, just my opinion). I think they'll try and get it sorted by tomorrow.

That would give him enough time to say goodbye on Saturday in the Mestalla.


I guess we shouldn't complain too much with how Valencia are going about their business, mainly as it would appear a touch hypocritical considering how many times we (Daniel Levy) have dug our heels in.

As citied, the player wants out and Valencia do not want to appear weak in the manner in which they rubber-stamp his departure. At the same time, they can't afford to take the risk of knocking everyone's bid back - especially with the player so keen to move on.

As for Levy. This is a defining moment. Well, I guess it will be with hindsight as we don't know if there are any other feasible targets the club have lined up. Based on experience, I don't want to have to sit through rejection with this one. There is so much gamesmanship that can be played between both clubs before the deal collapses and is beyond repair.


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