It's a boy!

Tottenham look set to give birth to a striker. Labour feels like it's lasted an eternity. Epidural has hardly numbed the pain. It's looking like a healthy boy. A Spanish boy to be precise. Roberto Soldado.

28 years old (I did say the labour lasted an eternity). Intelligent player, solid goal scoring record. And from the looks of it, a perfect fit for a club like Spurs that can't compete for the top tier players (the ones being picked up by City, Chelsea and the super-rich in France). 59 goals in 101 games in three seasons at Valencia. A player that can be entrusted in and around the box rather than lesser one dimensional players that perhaps rely on more straightforward support and movement. Soldado can sniff out a goal, get into a position for an assist and play as part of a team (drop deep, go wide). You know, all the standard stuff you expect from a top class forward. All the stuff Adebayor can do, except with a touch more consistency.

Franco Baldini is deep in talks with Valencia and the agent. In fact, the suggestion yesterday was that Valencia are seeking to make a decision today. This, more so than any other summer rumour, looks to be progressing and Spurs are on the verge of signing another player in July, during pre-season, and the third so far this summer.

Efficiency? Decisiveness? Is this the consequence of Baldini's appointment? To be honest, it probably has more to do with the necessity to back Andre Villas-Boas unequivocally. We're on point thus far.

This will be a massive signing.

For now, champagne on ice. Until the umbilical cord is cut and I hear the slap of a bum and plenty of crying, I'll hold back from handing out cigars.