So, just when you thought the media would promote Manchester United as the current leaders in the chase for £400M Gareth Bale, Marca have decided to run another story, this time confirming that Bale has agreed terms with the Spanish giants. I guess there is some logic to this story.

Spurs rejecting the idea of a bid in principle, time and time again without saying anything officially, but confirming it passively via Andre Villas-Boas and quotes relating to 'assurances'.

Madrid, always threatening but never following it up with an actual bid.

So instead of continuing the posturing, Madrid decide to by-pass Spurs altogether and just sign the player illegally.  

Makes sense, right? 

Cue meltdown in the Tottenhamverse, compounded further by the apparent transparency concerning the Roberto Soldado transfer negotiations. The media there are closely linked to Valencia, so pinch of salt time with the news breaking out that the deal has stagnated. The usual gamesmanship in force that is nigh impossible to decipher until either club officially state the deal isn't happening. Or is.

At the moment, 'goalposts' have been moved. Either by us (bidding lower) or them (wanting more). Gut feeling? Valencia want to sell and they have a replacement lined up. Spurs are more than interested. The player equally so. Baldini has left now but that doesn't mean the deal is dead. It's still on. But that's just guesswork on my part.

Back onto the topic of Bale. Yes, he was on a billboard in Times Square and yes Levy has apparently told AVB several times the player is not leaving the club. And yes Bale was at the Under Armour launch for the new kit and is on the cover of FIFA 14 and is headlining BT's football coverage advertising campaign...and so on.

But still, no word from either the club or the player.

But then - why would we expect that? Cynical me would like to echo that agents and representatives of Bale will always seek to make sure that a path is ready to be walked, be it now or next summer. Why commit publicly when you know there is a small chance, a fraction of a percentage that the club (Spurs) could, might change their mind meaning avoidance of burnt bridges is paramount. It's the politics of transfer that doesn't cater for the emotions of the fans.

Personally speaking, it would be a touch humiliating/demoralising for Levy to give in to Madrid unless his intentions were clear to him from the very start.

Bale is only 24 years of age.  We know he's settled at Spurs. We also know he harbours ambitions to play in Madrid. For all this hyperbole and rhetoric, I see no Madrid bid. Until they bid for him, our resolve can not be truly tested.

But enough with this negativity. It is after-all Marca breaking the story.