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Thanks to everyone that's ordered the début issue of The Fighting Cock fanzine. Plans for a follow-up are already in the works. If you missed the blurb last time out, here it is again.


After months of toiling, sweating, panicking, pondering, mass debating, we've only gone and done it. The first ever issue of The Fighting Cock fanzine is here.

Featuring interviews with Gary Mabbutt and Stand AMF editor Seb White, regressions into Europeans trips of years long since gone, understanding Ricardo Moniz, the ancestry of infamous ‘Because of Boxing Day' chant, and, obviously, loads more all painstakingly displayed in 40 glorious rough touch 'natural feel' pages.

Everything we earn out of the sale of the fanzine goes back into running The Fighting Cock podcast, maintaining the website, and the continuation of stuff like the 1882 movement.

The Fighting Cock Team


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Get The Fighting Cock fanzine - everything we're about painstakingly displayed in 40 glorious pages of Tottenham sex.

  • Textured rough touch 'natural feel' on thick paper
  • Full colour throughout
  • Content remains positive forever no matter how sh*t we get
  • Free 1882 and The Fighting Cock stickers with the first few orders (limited stock)

Highlights of Issue One

  • Mark Butcher (@lustdoctor) on loving Spurs (and football's Eurotrip)
  • Youth supremo Windy (@WindyCOYS) on Tottenham Academy starting to reap benefit from 2005 overhaul
  • Raj Bains spends an afternoon with super Gary Mabbutt
  • Spooky on the virtual landscape of the football fan
  • ZoC harks back to yesteryear to uncover the origins of the famous chant
  • Jeff Maysh talks shirts