Sol Campbell (via the Evening Standard) -

"It was camouflaged — but there was racism in there. Luckily it hasn’t destroyed me. I could have easily said, ‘I don’t want to do anything for this country any more’. I could have taken my family and money and gone to build something somewhere else"
"It’s like: ‘Hello?’ I’m one of the greatest defenders ever in this country — ever. I played six competitions for England on the bounce. I was the first black man to lift a trophy at Wembley. But no one cares about that. They just talk about the crap. It’s a sad reflection of some people in football, in the media — and in general life too. It’s like they wish I hadn’t become successful"
Another highlight from the interview was this passage -

Yet when he finally retired last year, having spent a year at Newcastle United without getting a game, only a few football columnists took notice. Compare and contrast with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The level of narcissism this man has reached only makes me pity him more. I don't care whether you're gay, straight or bi. I don't care if you're black or white. If you're a ****, you're a ****.

I won't spend too much time on this. In reference to the media 'just talking about the crap', I guess this was the same crap they printed during that period of time when Sol Campbell appeared to be a permanent fixture in tabloid newspapers, photographed with girlfriends with clumsy narrative about aspirations to conquer Hollywood.

I'm guessing also that Tottenham fans have managed to camouflage the racism really well regarding Ledley King. The reason why I don't give a **** about his reinvention as a 'journalist' is mostly to do with the fact that he has zero credibility as a person. This isn't on a personal level because I don't know him personally. I can only go on his behaviour as a footballer and he's pretty much rendered himself as a non-entity. But he's doing something right, because here I am reacting to his bile again.

The true camouflage at play here is the way he's constantly using racism as a means to disguise his insecurities. Read the article on the Evening Standard's website in its entirety. You won't be able to avoid the bitterness. What's he got to be bitter about if he rates himself so highly? Surely the bitterness is for the likes of us to drown in, still foaming at the mouth for the lies and deflection all those years ago? But alas no, he wants the adulation without question, unequivocally from all.

That chant he references is vile. But his relentless drive to constantly use it (mostly out of context) as part of this victimisation agenda is ridiculous. The article is of course geared up to promote his appearance on Panorama. The fact that Campbells's conduct as captain of Tottenham is never referenced by either himself or the Richard Godwin pretty much sums it all up.

You didn't get the same 'send off' as Sir Alex Ferguson? Seriously? You're not being ignored because you're black or because of any ambiguity others invent or discuss about your sexual orientation. You're being ignored because you're not very likeable.

This isn't crap Sol, it's the reality you've created for yourself.

Shame really because in amongst it all there's a worthwhile topic covering unemployment. But then this was never about the tormented youth of Britain but rather the tormented ego of a multi-millionaire ex-footballer.