Defoe. Out. Three games.

Andre Villas-Boas:

“Jermain has a muscle injury which is probably going to take him out of the next two games definitely and maybe Basel away. If he can’t make Basel away he should be fit for Man City. It’s a big blow. It’s on the same muscle that he had a small tear last month. It’s on the other side now and it’s a big miss as he represents a lot for us and he will be a big miss.”

Meanwhile at Hotspur Way...

AVB: Okay guys. We're down to just one striker.

Ade: Hello.

AVB: We're down to zero strikers.

Daws: What do we do boss?

AVB: We conceptulaise the idea that strikers are simply in the eye of the beholder and therefore subtract its inclusion as a nessisty.

Daws: What?

AVB: We maximise our human dimensions to facliate a false number ten to allow our shape to retain cohesive flow.

Verts: What?

AVB: Gareth.

Bale: Yes boss.

AVB: Just run around a bit and score.

Bale: Understood boss.