All change

The most imperative sequence of games we've faced this season has changed thanks to Chelsea's progress in the FA Cup. April 14th Stamford Bridge visit postponed.

Was: Basel. Everton. Basel. Chelsea. City.

Now: Basel. Everton. Basel. City. Wigan.

Then we've got Southampton, Stoke and Sunderland with Chelsea thrown into the mix possibly in early May.

The Gods have a perverse sense of humour. I never want to see Chelsea progress in any competition so shame on United's lack of effort today but at the same time thankful that this means we get some recovery time after the Everton league match and the Basel first leg before we face City.

Not that fixture congestion for an opposing side means they're doomed somehow to fail against our own ambitions. There's always the argument that momentum can carry you through. However, looking at their fixture list...I'd rather ours than theirs. Chelsea up at Old Trafford early May, they might well face us just after in the rearranged encounter. The stinger is, they probably prefer their own squad to ours.

What does matter (for those with lofty desires for silverware) with the Europa League final within touching distance, I'll accept and welcome the respite.

CL positions might be done and dusted by the time we face Chelsea. Or it might be a make and break 'cup final' decider for both or one of us.

Regardless, doesn't really make a difference. One game at a time. Each game should be approached like a cup final, every game a victory.  Please.