The international break continues to fester and as I rock back and forth in the corner listening to the voices in my head and wondering if this barren wasteland of nothingness will ever end, I'm suddenly snapped out of it. Spurs might not be playing, yet the headlines simply won't go away. I'm thankful for them, if only because they anchor me to sanity. Only just. No more rocking in the corner for now, but plenty of shakes of the head and curse words.

In a nutshell, the not so pleasurable content we've had to fill these long days with:

Eriksen is injured, out for six weeks. Or three months.

Not sure if the time suggested includes the time it takes to get match fit. This is agonising. He might not have captured a truly measurable degree of consistency but as I've written about so many times, having him play week in week out would have allowed him to grow in confidence and statue. He was often criticised for being inconsistent for Ajax, not always being able to influence the game and disappearing from it. I don't personally care about that. He's at Spurs now, he's a very young player with exceptional talent and vision - so it's how we seek to develop him to get the very best form. Early days simply because he's at a new club, but even so, frustrating that it's been so stop start. Still, it's 'moments' like this when accidental heroes are born. Or heroes we already have get to don their cape and save the day (Lamela anyone?)

Dembele wants to leave.

Except he doesn't. He's not said he wants out. He's simply alluded to the fact that he'd prefer a more progressively offensive role and more game time. I'd be more worried about players that didn't want to play and compete for a position in the starting eleven. However, if you add this to Vertonghen's early moan about covering the left-back position - although both times the context has been distorted for the headlines - it's still a little (just a little) concerning that the complaints are being shared at all.

What of our fabled team spirit and moral? Do the players feel shackled? We all know if things aren't going amazingly (aided by a soundtrack of disdain from the home supporters) the general vibe gets a little low key and almost...almost negative.

Elsewhere, one staggering story that I didn't even bother to investigate any further cited that Lamela would be off to Turkey to escape his N17 nightmare. From one hell to another.

It's almost January.

Well it isn't but it is considering Christmas is being thrown upon us in mid-November as usual, the transfer window is not that far off from exploding with more rumours and targets. I've not even thought about it. Until now.

At a push Spurs need to buy a young keeper of similar style to Lloris. We also need a left-back. Adebayor will leave, although he's playing a blinder for us at official club supporter meet and greets. No problem playing him up front there.

Dempsey back to Spurs on loan?

I think I'm better off sat in that corner, rocking back and forth.

...if you prefer me condensed into 500 words per piece.


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