I wonder if anyone was watching?

The game is about glory. The game is also about heartache. Something synonymous with Tottenham and the FA Cup since the hedonistic days of the 80s which tease us from afar with their iconic flashbacks and growthy beards.  Sunday was disheartening because it was so transparent. Plucky up-for-it non-top tier side out-desire disjointed top tier side who fail to match up to their pre-match tittle tattle about Wembley dreams.

Action speaks louder than words. Like defending and composing yourself.

For the most part, that much sought-after glory most seek doesn't translate too well to a modern era that sees fit to crown Champions League qualification as a pathway to tangible progression as opposed to lifting a cup. Anyone can win a cup and it won't change a club's stature or potency to compete with the best - that's not something I agree with whole-heartily, as winning something and attempting to do so consistently will strengthen a teams resolve and mentality. But alas, the immediate future prefers to ignore that such days out form part of history which unlike a clubs bank balance remains priceless decades after.

Regardless of what we want, what we desire...the priorities of most (coaches, players, chairman...) differ to our own from game to game. Whilst we get a migraine, they get an itch they just scratch.

Then again, it might be that all my philosophical musings are unnecessary and all our cup exit represents is we cant rest/rotate key players as we run the risk of a below par dysfunctional performance. Not everything has to be about choosing between a cup or the fabled fourth place. On paper we were still meant to be good enough to beat them. Then Leeds put us through the shredder.

The game could even be seen as an advertisement to bolster our first team with say another forward. I wonder if anyone was watching and making notes? I'll let you know in four days time.

Or sooner than that.