Price Threepence

It's been a long old week. Spent mostly waving a fist at the impeccable timing that has seen me fall ill after untold months without a single white flag from my immune system. Hence the lack of any creative juice. Hence the lack of any commentary on our beloved club. Not that there's anything to comment on. I guess besides this Holtby saga which is probably already 'sorted' but for the sake of narrative will drag onto the last day of the window when we announced we've signed him minutes before the deadline. A celebration that masks yet more disappointment as everyone awaits Levy to bankrupt the club with a signing of a world class striker that doesn't appear to exist in our time-line.

At least I got this in the post from @RoM (he of The Republik of Mancunia fame).

Price? Threepence.

The programme is from the 1963 European Cup Winners Cup first leg, in late November...which was postponed for a week. Ooh history. We won the first leg 2-0, lost the second 4-1. Pick up a copy of Glory Glory Nights for the details.


As for that Spurs line-up...melts my heart. Truly the glory years of football before technicolor ruined everything.