You ready for some more?

We all know the story writing off by hart. It's white pain on a long and winding lane that is never ending. It's never dull. It's always heart wrenching. You age twice as fast as anyone else around you. The roller coaster won't stop even if there's no more track left to ride. You bite your nails, you slap your face. You shrug and you hold your face in the palm of your hands.

The script is unforgiving. The twists and turns relentless. It jests. There's no luck just lustre. The laughter track spikes when you stare and watch without a smile on your face. Some of it doesn't make sense, no matter how many times you rewind and re-watch. It's all intertwined, a masterful work of majesty and mockery. When it's great it's fantastic when it's not it's dark and distasteful. A tapestry of tease. The obvious always happens yet you wonder how it came to be. It's never ordinary and always extraordinary. It's a script that demands your attention and makes you want to look away and yet you can't ever keep your eyes off it.

It's Greek tragedy. It's pantomime, it's soap opera. It can be Balboa losing to Creed. It can be Balboa losing to Lang. Yet if you rub your eyes and take another look, all you ever see is Balboa fighting Hulk Hogan. It's ridiculous yet familiar. Every finale leaves you physically and mentally drained and yet you know it won't be cancelled and it will return for yet another season.

And you will be back again for more. Because you'll never cancel your subscription. Why would you with all the other boring lifeless crap out there?

The next story arc is now in post-production. Budget being discussed. Casting might see a few changes. The director looks to remain the same. The tagline doesn't change. It never changes.

Love the shirt.

More dramatics on the other side of the summer detox. Guaranteed.