The football doesn't really matter. Seems all fairly redundant at the moment when a young man is in critical condition fighting for his life. Everyone present at Spurs and those that watched via TV were emotionally anchored to the scenes transpiring on the pitch.

Soon enough, life will continue for all of us. Hopefully for Fabrice Muamba on the road to a full recovery. And even though we'll all think twice about frivolous problems (in comparison to all this) and arguments relating to our club and its dramas, that perspective we all have right this second that it doesn't truly matter and that it's just a game and such an incident proves that to be the case...it will slowly begin to fade and everyone will settle back to the way it was.

I'm not sure what my point is other than to support your team and enjoy the game for what it is, for what it is meant to be, and that when football fans of opposing sides sing together a players name, it should not be deemed as a surprise or exceptional football fan behaviour. Rather a dignified human reaction to a terrible moment. Everyone was a credit to themselves (the medical staff, the club, the players, the fans). I'd hope for the same reaction in any walk of life tagged with a label.

We're fragmented by tribes within the game, that's just part of the make-up of football. Wash it all off and you're left with people, some good some bad but for the most part good, who simply care for the well being of another human being. But the reaction we witnessed was only possible because of this game we love so much. It was powerful, the united support and in that instance in some ways football does truly matter because of how it amplifies and transcends that emotion.

I don't know Fabrice Muamba but my thoughts are with him and his family. Because he's part of the family.