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Episode 34 - "Unleashing hell...blindfolded"

Oh look, it's us again. Big whoop for ep 34. O drum, drum! Wherefore art thou drum? We talk up the crusade to get the Shelf Side drummer back in the stands. An update on another crusade, this one to get the Fighting Cock emblem tattooed on Chicago Dan's bum to raise money for a new mic. We do football as well. Our third successive sobbing on the trot (wherefore art thou three points?). Bolton in the cup for Tottingham. Stoke under the lights. We then tackle knee-jerking with two feet, studs up. We've also got questions via the forum along with Rickipedia, Windy blowing sh*t up, ZoC with an exclusive interview with Arsene Wenger and a Meat Men update.

Round the table today: Flav, Spooky, tehTrunk, Ricky, Thelonious, engineer Al and some bloke called Richard with a beard and a camera crew that plan to follow us around for a while. The stalkers.


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International Spurs fans of Mystery

via Ricky (from the podcast)

The Fighting Cock has a new feature that needs the help of you! We all, as fans, go to ridiculous lengths to watch or listen to Tottenham. Whether you live in Tottenham or Thailand, we all have one thing in common, our love for TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR! We want to hear how much effort it takes you to catch the game.

Tottenham have a lot of fans around the world and a number of you tune into The Fighting Cock podcast every week, so this is your chance to have your voice heard as an international Tottenham fan. We are truly taken back with the amount of fans that listen to The Fighting Cock on foreign land ranging from America; China, Germany, South Africa, Norway, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Nepal, Djibouti, Bermuda, Vietnam etc!

What do we want you may ask? Either a recording of yourself or an email, simple!

We want to hear and experience your journey which can include your town/country, time difference, chosen bar, your superstitions, if you snuck in a crafty ***k before the game, what transport you took, the whole lot.

For a three O’clock kick off, I roll off tehTrunk’s mum four times, watch Sky Sports News until 11 and whilst popping in and out of the kitchen I make myself a fry up and get changed. I meet Flav for 11:30 (but it always ends up being 12 because I’m late for everything), get the W3 bus from Crouch End to WHL station and go straight to the Bell & Hare pub for a beer.

Not very exciting I know, but we want to hear what YOU DO, whilst we’re doing that. I literally have sleepless nights thinking of your routine as I carry out my routine from across the globe.

Love, Ricky

“Love the shirt” (and the lengths you go to watch that shirt)

Email your stories to thefightingcock@gmail.com


Updates will be appearing here (as well as features on future pods).



Project tattoo Chicago Dan's arse

Hello one and all.

We’ve got another appeal. Now we know we’ve asked for money before, and we’re very grateful for everything that has been donated so far this season. There was the Botswana Christmas Appeal. And there was the drum that the FC forumites clubbed together to sort for the Ultras event. And lets not forget that we raised over £600 for Movember last year.

We need a new mic to record the show. What we use currently, although sounds alright, isn’t fit for purpose. Plus it’s Engineer Al’s personal Mic and he doesn’t really like carting it about all over the place, he gets angry, and well, he isn’t a very nice person at the best of times so, and he is very ugly even when he’s happy.

The cost of the mic we’re looking at is £340. That’s a lot of dough. We’re looking to raise £250 of this through your donation. The rest we’ll raise ourselves.

Now, we don’t just simply expect you to give us the money. We want to give you something in return, more than just the podcast each week. For your donation, Chicago Dan has agreed to get The Fighting Cock emblem tattooed on his arse. We’re talking as much of the cheek as possible. We will film the event, and edit it, and stick it on the website.

One day The Fighting Cock will cease to exist, but we will live on, immortal, by way of Dan’s arse tattoo.

To make a donation send it sibsthfc@gmail.com via paypal or use the following link: https://www.paypal.com/uk/sendmoney

More discussion on this here.

60% thus far so ta muchly for that.



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Éperons and Belgian Spurs travelled from the continent to the Valley to join in with the Tottenham Ultras supporting the youth team in the FA Cup.

Here's their photo-diary of the journey. Essential stuff.

#TottenhamUltras Travel Diary



Love the shirt.