Seven more wins

Sibs and the maths of Tottenham.

Played 26
Won 16

Win rate = 61.54%

61.54% of 38= 23(.4) games won
23 wins = 69 points

61.54% of 114 = 70.2 points

This should be a fourth place finish.

However obviously the teams below are playing at a lower win rate (logically) - so as it stands it should still be good enough for 3rd by the time the points for a few draws are added

Chelsea away to WBA next weekend.
a***nal away to Liverpool

Us home to Man U - can't see too many points for us or the two teams below.

Not including Man Utd we have 5 home games against beatable opposition.

36 points to play
Points to reach secure CL: 72
7 Wins

If you account for a few draws we can afford to lose another 3 games and should still be reasonably comfortable for 3rd/4th without getting sucked in to a fight for 4th


For crunching of numbers keep this page bookmarked.

In short: