Spurs 1 City 5

Two games, zero points, seven goals against. We are simply not good enough to compete for the top four this season because Levy will not spend big and from the looks of it is hardly seeing eye-to-eye with Harry Redknapp if you take note of Harry's constant whining to the media and anyone else who will listen. Moaning and complaining about everything and never taking responsibility.

We were shocking. Midfield was weak, Bale disappointing and Crouch completely redundant. van der Vaart's inclusion forces Redknapp to play the one man upfront and yet still manages to select the wrong man. Was he making a point playing Crouch there what with Stoke interested in the player? Was he hoping Peter would pick up a knock or score a brace - just to prove a point? Arrogance from the manager, especially with his weak centre-midfield pairing. Another point being made there? Levy holding back on Parker? Sort it out the pair of you, ffs.

Post-match Harry complained about it being the worst pre-season ever and that we've been distracted by the Modric transfer saga. Hey Harry, guess what...along with Sky Sports you're the one that's keeps that saga running, constantly talking up scenarios about what ifs and Luka's mindset and Chelsea. Every time you open your mouth, its another headline birthed and yet more unnecessary coverage of this protracted transfer. It's the worst pre-season ever. After two defeats. No trouble or complaints before. Just post 5-1 spanking. Nice work Harry, insightful.

Does Levy not talk to Redknapp? Does he not outline company policy and ask for his manager to echo the chairman's stance? Why are there so many contradictions? Why the constant commentary and soundbiting? Why the blame game?

If there are problems with transfer targets because we are aiming too high or do not have the money or simply because Levy does not want to spend big (for whatever reason) then there is clearly a relationship break-down if Redknapp continues to use the lack of activity as a reason for the troubles we've had on the pitch. Even though I question the fact that the set of players are the same set that gained us CL qualification. Lost your mojo Harry? Been found out? Everyone bored of you?

Saying that Modric came to him two hours before kick-off to state he did not want to play is completely leftfield of what we were told the other day that the player had cleared things up with the Levy and was available. What possible good will it do if the player remains at the club past the transfer window closing? Redknapp leaves you wondering if Levy is actually considering selling the player or wanted the player sold much earlier. Its the perfect advert for miscommunication.

Modric plays, he gets subbed...we have ourselves a scapegoat. It's all Luka's fault. If the players head is still not right, then wait until AFTER the window shuts, then stick him in the team. Or was this simply about him making sure he gets to go off on International break with his country?

Luka did not exactly look disinterested. He looked frustrated at times, which is usually someone playing with professionalism and pride. But no, the 5-1 is basically down to the fact that our really decent squad of players are suddenly playing like ketmaine induced rabbits because we've not brought in a crate of nice fresh carrots. Sure, we are missing players. But come on, at the very least show some tactical nous. Inspire the team. Same goes for the ones pulling on the shirt. Where is the love for the shirt?

Scott Parker can't sign quick enough. Hate myself for saying that. Joey Barton would have got us a grip today also. No leadership and a distinct lack of belief with the additional bonus (ha!) of a manager more interested in deflecting attention away from his misgivings and tagging our on field hiccups with off field story arcs.

If we don't sign a few more players to sort out the current issues we have then we're in trouble of finishing 5th or 6th. But that might be the position that equates to our standard. The standard being one that has been crafted out of mismanagement by chairman and manager.

The chairman, too stubborn to act quickly, accepting the consequences more easily and the paying punters. The manager far too interested in his own agenda and brand name to really care about 'them' Tottenham.

Best we accept ourselves to be good enough for Europa League and nothing more. Less chance of being dissatisfied then.