Spurs 1 City 5

Absolute rubbish. All of them a disgrace to the shirt for basically allowing City to tip tap the ball around White Hart Lane like we'd agree to submit to them before the start like a slick choreographed wrestling match between a contender for the belt and a jobber.

You want proof that Harry Redknapp's tenure has entered the fatal end game? Here it is. Look up at the score again. We've been poor for 15+ games now in the league. Harry struggled to manage the squad last season, never quite working out a consistent game plan domestically with fitting the epically over-rated Rafa van der Vaart into the side and thus causing unmitigated damage in the forward positions resulting with a lack of cutting edge.

But that's just part of the problem. Levy and ENIC quite obviously self-absorbed by the NDP and Olympic Stadium because they need to make sure they don't miss their roadmap objectives in terms of building a new stadium for the club so that they can then look to sell it and make all the shareholders gleeful. Leaving the footballing issues to the next set of mugs to buy in.

We have shown no decisive nature in the transfer window since it opened. If...and it's a big if we actually bid for the players we were heavily linked with in the past window or two then surely the chairman and manager would be wise to the fact that they would need to discuss realistic targets BEFORE the current window opened up.

Target. Bid. Sign.

Instead of constant dithering and inquires and conflicting messages being sent out leading to scatter-gun desperation on the last day.

Crouch to Stoke apparently. But there he is starting against City. Two questions. Why? He's set to be sold. Second question. Why? He's simply not good enough to lead the front-line. It's obvious Levy wants shot of him because Harry more or less stated this in his post-match interview, blaming our form on our lack of direction in the window and the fact Peter is heavily linked with a move away. Another suggestion made being the classic 'we need to sell before we sign'. It's groundhog day with zombies stuck in a room with no doors with nothing to eat except for each other.

Manager and chairman are not bestest friends. Which means either Levy can't control Harry or Harry believes he has lost all control and simply wants to make sure his position has been made unattainable because of the chairman so that he has ample blame to fire at when he leaves/gets the sack.

Utter mess.

Losing isn't that big of a shock, is it? Defeats against two teams managed better than us on and off the pitch. No shocker. The true shock is the fact that we qualified for the CL and then failed to consolidate, Levy preferring to fall back onto one of his own soundbites about how qualifying for the elite competition every season is not possible due to the nature of modern football. Great fighting talk there. More or less set the foundations for us to get dicked today two years ago.

Our best player has been a forty year old in goal and he's still managed to concede a whole heap of beautys and uglys. Sums it up. To dare is to do, so we do nothing.

Dawson, Kaboul - not good enough. The latter is a better midfielder than he is a defender. Bale hasn't been decent for nine months. With any luck he'll give birth to a bouncing baby Bale. More chance of it looking dangerous than Gareth has at the moment. Niko only good enough for mid to lower table opposition. Rafa is more trouble than he's worth. Injury prone and creates imbalance to the side when playing and sulks like a b*tch. He's the Dutch Robbie Keane without the cartwheel. Lennon, too comfortable and without competition. Defoe showed glimpses when he came on, I'll give him that.  Probably his lot for the season now. Peaked.

As for Modric, get rid of him now. If only so that we can be left with £40M in our pockets and no time to spend it, just to rub further salt into our wounds. Considering what happened with Berbatov, did our esteemed chairman not have the foresight that this would play out to yet another gut-wrenching conclusion?

But alas our chairman doesn't want to sell him and by the very nature of our reluctance to compete and sign players we are more or less stating with transparency we are a selling club because why the heck would Modric want to stay when we're signing third rate players? At some point, we wont be able to hold onto someone who does not want to wear the shirt. Not selling him to prove a point to everyone that we cant be bullied is detrimental to the club when it causes so much aggravation.

But we've hold onto him long enough to now have a player that will spend the months leading up to Christmas crying his eyes out about how unfair his six year contract is before being sold for £22M in January.

How to fix all this mess before we get ourselves into a relegation battle?

Levy - sack Redknapp or at the very least start looking for a replacement. He'll be fine. He's more interested in brokering a deal for little Luka Modric to Chelsea than he is with sorting out our first eleven so perhaps he can spend the rest of the season as a football agent. Sell Bale while you're at it before his valuation plummets so low that we'll be paying Nottingham Forest to take him on loan.

But it's too late for any of that. We are truly shafted.

We have missed the boat because we have the blessing of ENIC that owns the club that possesses no balls to push this us forward with the same aggression and fortitude others are doing. What statement do we make signing damaged youth players and an ex-gooner striker on loan and from the looks of it an over-rated work-horse from a relegated club? Could have been worse, hey Harry? We could have signed that waste of space Suarez.


Nine points adrift of the top already. Didn't show up for Everton. Went home early against Man Utd. Fell asleep against City. Don't expect us to get more than a point at Wolves and Liverpool of old are back so I make that zero points from four games.

Stick that on a t-shirt.

Played 2. Won 0. Drawn 0. Lost 2. GF 1. GA. 8 GD -7. Position: 20th. Bottom of the table and going down with the Arsenal.

There used to be a football club here.