News of the Weary

Anything happening out there? Any exclusives? No? What a shocker, hey? It's enough to leave you hacked off. There are just no Spurscentric headlines for us to embrace and stick our tongues down.

So what little news from the past few days?

I'm playing catch-up here, but let me see if I manage to round-up all of this weeks nail biting chitter chatter.

Mayor backs our RGF funding. Hopefully he's doing the same privately and working towards a truce with Levy. I'll scratch your back you kiss and lick mine. That's Boris licking Levy by the way. Don't picture it in your mind.

I warned you.

Woody finally released. Good luck to him. We obviously felt a pay-as-you-play deal would not have benefited player or club. Wondering how best it would work elsewhere. Was really impressed and surprised that he avoided injury when he first arrived at the Lane. The cherry on top of the cake was that winner against the blue scum in the cup final. Another fantastically gifted centre-half that we've been robbed of.

Luka back in training. Harry stopping off for a chat on his way out, still not convincing enough with the mic in his face. It's great, he's honest and truthful with the facts (no really he is) telling the SSN reporter (and the world) that Luka is confused. But you can still be honest without having to surrender complete transparency. Harry (unlike Levy) is still soundbiting the soundbites from a few weeks back about wanting to keep him, needing to keep him. Like there's still a possibility he could be sold. Am I asking for too much for the gaffer to echo the chairman, even if it means adding some spin? Be honest, just apply some diplomacy that works in OUR favour.

"He's back with his team mates, he trained well, we're all looking forward to the season".

If reporter asks a direct question about Luka's state of mind. Echo Levy.

"Yeah, he understands the clubs position. He's a professional, he's getting on with it".

Alas, no. Harry has to make sure Sky have enough fuel to add to the dying fire, to keep that last remaining flame alive by citing stuff like 'three of the top five would want to sign him' etc. We know that Harry, they know that...everyone knows it. Would be nice of he tried using 10 words instead of 200 every now and again.

Only good as the material Spurs give me, and at the moment it's the same thing every week. So if it seems like I'm having a dig at Harry all the time its because Harry is digging away at my sanity.

I think it's more than obvious Luka would prefer to be elsewhere. But that ship has sailed. It's done. It's over. There is no need for speculation and yet speculation is never quite taken out back and put out of it's misery.

In amongst it all, it was good to hear Harry state Luka has asked for more players to be signed (of his ilk, i.e. world class).

Very nice, but we're not going to be signing world class players because of Luka Modric. We're going to be signing them for THFC. Well, hopefully. That's the plan. I'm sure it is. Past few transfer windows have been practice runs. Promise.

Still, it's not just Harry and SSN that continue to 'believe'. Essien is injured so Modric is obviously the most likely replacement. That square peg fits into any circle.

What else have we got?

Robbie Keane might still have a chance to prove himself at Spurs according to Harry.

Okay, you know what, I want Redknapp gagged.

ITK's say the Anglo-Mexican (Antonio Michael Pedroza Whitham) has gone back to Mexico due to complications with his medical. I doubt this. Player said the deal was done, so I'll side with the player. Not that it will matter. Not a first team squad signing.

And that other lad rejected/released from Barca yoof (Ceballos) is once more being mentioned. Again, not a first team squad signing so I can't get excited about it.

That's it.

Almost. You might have (or might not have) seen the survey (sent via email) from Tottenham relating to corporate hospitality/premium seat packages. It's a follow-up to one sent out a long time back (pre-NDP implosion). There were some new mock-up images in the survey. If you were not randomly selected, click here and scroll down a little to view the pics.



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