Exclusive footage of Daniel Levy and Luka Modric in 'angry' meeting

Another day, more love lost with regards to that once innocent fairy-like dinking Barca-like conductor of our midfield, Luka Modric. How quickly ones perception of someone can change. Very little can be lost in translation this time round.

I'm referring to his interview with the Croatian press (translated by ESPN and others) which makes it sound like he's already going to bed wearing a Chelsea shirt. Suddenly, Harry Redknapp's 'confused' comments from the other day appear to be quite relevant. Seems the gaffer doesn't hold too much faith in the player remaining with us post-season kick-off. Hence his continued disassociation with Levy's fair more sterner stance on the matter.

Seems to all hinge on this 'agreement' chairman and player made when the contract was signed. Player seems to think we should be negotiating no matter the derisory valuation on offer. My money is still on the chairman to be victorious. Although victorious might actually translate into a couple of things.

For now, this saga is not going to stop running any time soon.