Harry Redknapp bingo

Harry on SSN, tonight in their brand spanking new studio, from 7pm. Anyone for some Harry bingo?


'We're looking to do something'

'Prices being quoted are ridiculous so well try and get Phil Neville again'

'We've plenty of top lads ere, all of em triffic, no need to sell or buy, this is as good as it gets...'

'Robbie's a good lad I think next season he'll do well as club captain. Triffic leader'

'With teams like Man City spending the money they are it's difficult to do anything'

'Don't ask me about transfers, that's Daniel's job'

'Yeah, well, we're looking to get a player or two in, but it's difficult to find anything better available'

'It would be an honour to manage England. Who wouldn't want to manage their country. But I ain't spoke to no one at the FA'

'I like Vucinic, he's a top, top player. I've always liked Vucinic, but I've got 4 triffic forwards already'

Turns to camera, looks straight down it, rips his shirt off and screams, 'Come on you idiot mugs, 2 pts, 8 games'



In addition, guess how many times our 'arry will say 'triffic' during the duration of his SSN visit.

I'm guessing 9.


disclaimer: this article has as much substance as SSN