Harry on SSN (video footage)

Don't think he said triffic once.

Usual soundbites, interspersed with footage of BAE and Rafa van der Vaart talking from their cars. Walker looking likely to stay at the club (no loan deal). That defender we signed from South Africa, you know the bloke, plays in defence...he's possibly off to Rangers along with Livermore. Bale is going nowhere. Looks good in training post-injury.

The stuff on Modric was painful as per usual. Not sure why he just doesn't say 'not for sell, next question please' instead of 'we don't want to sell but...', which isn't as bad as it sounds (got tongue-tied a little) but still feels like he's dragging his heels a little. Just finish off the rumours once and for all. I guess he wants to protect himself if the unimaginable ever happened. Did do well to dismiss the Luka Chelsea bid and not place a 'valuation' on him.

To be honest, he was quite positive about Spurs and challenges going forward. Good PR from Harry on the ambitions and the targets he appears to be setting himself. Although there is a caveat, as ever: down to the chairman to do the business transfer wise.

He wants to win the Championship at Tottenham. We need to get relegated first Harry. But you'll see from the below videos, it's basically the same type of questions being fielded and the same sort of half disassociated answers. We need to sell, we need to buy, we need to buy top top players. Nothing new here. We all know the score.

Did like the bit where he states City had to spend around £140M just to make up the two point difference on us and finish higher. Does put things into perspective. We were not that far off them last season even with the monumental difference in expenditures. But we - no doubt - need to sign a world class forward and perhaps one or two others from the top drawer. Get the feeling we might have to just make do with that all important forward.

Can not fathom a scenario where we don't.



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