Spurs Wars

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Pre-season has kicked started. It has, right? Have to say, after the summer that was followed by '2 points 8 games' (remember what we did to the Italians at the Lane?) I've completely detached myself from our friendly fixtures other than hoping we get through it without losing players to injury and that there's a spark or two of positivity no matter the results. In 2010 when we finished fourth our pre-season was hardly one of encouragement.

Sure, okay, so we lost 1-0 over the weekend after a 90th minute goal from the Chiefs and from what I've been told it was a fairly non-eventful match. Hardly worthy of commentary. Although good to see Bale back in action. And damn you West Ham for getting yourselves relegated. We are left scratching our heads wondering if someone will take the plunge and sign some of the 'deadwood' we are so desperate to shift on. It really is shaping up to be a window which will only truly open a week before it shuts.

As for the players we're meant to be signing, it's only Monday. Got to leave something aside to complain about for midweek.

So, in the meantime, enjoy the first part of the Spurs Wars series from @whitehartXchang. A little something to get the heart pumping as we continue to work our way through the summer searching for hope like an explorer searching for treasure but fast sinking in quick sand.

Big screen version of vid here.