Zdravko Mamić: Modric - he can be poisonous

Never ends.

This is a part translation by ZG Spur (Glory Glory.co.uk) from this interview with Zdravko Mamić (executive manager of Dinamo Zagreb) talking about Luka Modric and the transfer saga. The translated slice of the interview is more pro-move propaganda. I'm sure you could push the whole linked page through an online translator to get a more comedic version of it.

I will translate (the best of my ability) the the importmant part:

"If I was Levy, I would have waited for Luka with an improved contract, doubled his wages, and wouldn't be arrogant and all high and mighty so the kid would be all fired up" - (he used a phrase 'f**ked up', but you lose much of the intent in the translation).

"You know how Luka is, an honest guy, normal, but if you provoke him, he can be poisonous. I can't understand that he is not the highest paid spurs player, and they don't want to let him go. You can't ask ask for a high transfer fee" - (he said "licitirati" which would mean looking for the highest bid), "...and at the same time deprive him of the CL, on not giving him an improved contract. There were just to many wrong steps taken".

How will this story end?

"He will go to Chelsea, City or Man Utd, because all of this 3 clubs want him very much. And instead of 3 000 000 euros, he will be making 5 000 000".

Won't make a blind bit of difference Zdravko 'mate'. Love how any other club with a star player 'must keep star player' according to the press and anyone that might wish to throw in their two cents, but Spurs are 'in the wrong' and 'the bad guys' for wanting to retain the services of someone under a long term contract.

I still think Luka + agent have given into the fact he has to remain at Spurs. Otherwise, why not just stay home, not go to SA and hand in a transfer request (and leak it to the press)? Why? Oh yeah. I know why.

6 year contract.

Suck it up.

Chelsea + Luka + agent = not that serious about making a transfer happen. Could try harder.

The player signed a long term contract, it's on him if agreed to the wages. Give him an improved contract? For what? For allowing himself to be 'turned' by the 'machine'?

Suck it up.



Don't know who Zdravko Mamić is?

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It's difficult to know where to start with the Dinamo Zagreb executive vice-president Zdravko Mamic. His numerous admissions of match-fixing? The Nazi salute with which he celebrated his side's victory over Lithuanian side Ekranes? His (quickly overlooked) 15-year ban for assaulting a member of the Croatian FA? The time he nearly knocked over a traffic policeman as the cops tried to tow away his car? His attack on Zagreb's director of city planning using a pair of crutches? The death threats he has issued to journalists? Or the time one member of the press was forced to hide in the bushes after fleeing from an attack? Or perhaps all of the above?