Spurs finally 'sign' a big name striker

Antonio Michael Pedroza Whitham.

What? It's a big name, isn't it? There's four of them and they're bundled together. A mish mash of Mexican and English. For a snappy £1M (insert little finger to corner of mouth).

Done and dusted. Delegation sent over to thrash out the deal. Allegedly. All this according to the Daily Mirror who apparently first 'broke' the story two weeks back. It's obviously true, so kids, save up your money...it's gonna cost your piggy bank to get his name printed on your shirt.

Okay, don't go blaming me for this article, it's gone midnight and I'm only as good as the material I have to work with and considering the ITK community have spent the summer thus far reacting to the press and making sh*t up I'm waiting for one of their esteemed members to lay claim that they saw this one coming to restore my faith in...oh wait, I have no faith in them.

Of course, the alternative is that the Daily Mirror are talking nonsense and this Mexican forward with family based in Cheshire is not on his way to N17. If the Daily Mirror prove themselves to be on the ball then it will officially mean: Daily Mirror > ITK Community

0 goals, 12 games apparently. Oh well.

Wickham, Whitham...not that much of a difference there. Well, apart from several million pounds.

The summer transfer window just keeps on giving.