Will someone please think of the children?

The never ending story does what it says on the tin. Official club statement here.

Twitter reaction:

I think we have all lost track of it now. I guess he wants to be in court same time as 'Arry. Save on cab fares... @SpursSimon

are we really appealling the failed right to appeal? @Studub

Ref: OS appeal - doesn't mean decision will be overturned. Just means #thfc could be awarded compensation for unfair award process @RichSibley

Oh Daniel, you are starting to wind me the f**k up now. Maybe you should concentrate on a live striker instead of a dead duck @Bentleysbird

Rather tenacious our Mr Levy. Reminds me of an annoying Jack Russell, continually yapping & nipping at ankles @Coq_Au_Ginge

#Spurs' attitude to the Olympic Stadium is embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as the idea of W. Ham vs Barnet there in front of 2000 fans @daveeeeeed

#levy. We dont f**king want the stadium. The govt dont want us to have it. Pls just wipe your mouth of it before we dont want YOU #thfc @Rabbicrackers

F*ck the Olympic Stadium Levy! What we need is a statue of Michael Jackson outside White Hart Lane #COYS @aGrime


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