Jog on

So just checking in after a Saturday spent off-line and behold the lack of imagination from the press.

Modric is still leaving even after the club stated he would not, under any circumstances, be sold for any price. But still they can't let go, persisting in brokering a deal for him to Chelsea via the back pages. This leads into the 'fact' that Luka's inevitable guaranteed departure means that Gareth Bale will follow him like a rat deserting a sinking ship. 

One season in the bright lights obviously all we're allowed, so dismantle Tottenham they will this summer.

If that isn't enough (and it's obviously not) further fabrication is added to the mix with yet another repeat show (Lennon to Liverpool) and some still persist with the 'rumours' that Sandro will be moved on after a single season at Spurs for a measly £12M.

Patiently waiting for Darren Lewis to share with us another quote from five years ago.

Give it a rest you insufferable *****. Your relentless hard-on for us is an embarrassment.

We are here to stay. Deal with it.