Don't blame me, blame him

Harry Redknapp working his way through his copy of 101 Summer Transfer Sound-bites for the disconcerting manager by Harry Redknapp.

According to the gaffer:

- There is nothing happening in the transfer market

- He needs to sell four or five players to bring in funds

- Levy has made it clear to him the club have to move a few players before we can start doing any business

- Unless we reduce our squad numbers we will stay quiet in the market

Superb, such depth, such clarity.

Harry has this gift of saying something when there is nothing to say. It's like he can't just leave it alone with a simple, subtle and polite nod towards the fact the club are going about their business like most others without the necessity to provide directors commentary.

The recent meeting between the club and the Supporters Trust revealed we are looking to off-load players. Which is pretty much like someone revealing to you Spurs play at White Hart Lane. To suggest we can't sign anyone until someone is sold is ludicrous. He then states the same thing again but differently.

(i) "I need to sell four or five players to bring in funds"

(ii) "The chairman has made it clear we need to move a few players before we can start doing any business"

The concluding comment about 'staying quiet otherwise' is laughable. I can see the official club statement from Levy post-transfer window closure...

"I wish to make it absolutely clear that by the time the next transfer window shuts we'll have sold a few players and then and only then we will sign a couple of new ones, but only if there is enough time to do business. It's been disappointing that we've not managed to bolster our summer war chest and spend it on new players but we remain hopeful that Santa Claus will broker some late Christmas deals in the new year."

All we appear to have here is a manager stating facts (yes, we have to sell players and yes money will go back into the pot) but using them in yet another tidy example of deflection and disassociation.

When we sign a player, sit back and note who takes all the credit for it.

In the meantime bask in the irony of a 2000 word article about nothing in particular.



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