Relegated by Christmas

Blatantly, the FA Premier League have implemented advanced code in their fixture list computer software to conspire once more against the mighty Tottenham Hotspur's push towards reclaiming a Champions League spot.

The season explodes with a Category A orgy. Let's hope we remember to bring some protection. I don't mind the opening game of the season being at the Lane against beatable opposition, but the following two appear to be of the ilk of mockery. Utd then City. September will be fine, with Liverpool at home sandwiched between Wolves and Wigan away (so that's D, W, D). Which then brings us onto the North London Derby, unceremoniously early for my liking on October 1st. The games from that point onwards up until we face Chelsea on the 20th December, I fancy with chest beating confidence.

It's the period after the new year that doesn't look very appealing. January is home town glory, punctured by an away game at the Eastlands which is never daunting (just saying we know how to play up there on their patch). February on the other hand is like buying a packet of Revels and finding every one you pick out to eat is coffee. March is equally tricky thanks to Man Utd and Chelsea, but points to be had at home I would guess. April is a good month. In fact, so is May.

Hold up, let's try this again.

It's the period after the new year that doesn't look very appealing that has me thinking we'll find our stride towards the leagues conclusion, with perhaps one or two hiccups but no chokes.

Let's face it, no matter how the fixtures are lined up, it's hardly relevant. Last season we had runs of games that were supposedly easy on paper and we faltered. The season before, the fixture list was nigh impossible and we trounced it.

In short: Remain difficult to beat at home and improve our win ratio compared to draws in comparison to the 2011 season. Away from home, no slip ups reminiscent to the Blackpool game.

Other than that, COYS. Fixture list today, world class forward tomorrow.