A lot of effort went into this one then

Viral? Leaked completley by accident? Or just a plain shirt used for pre-launch to allow the tech guys to build the product page? You can find it here (until it gets pulled down). If real, then the suggestion is that Puma have sent out images of the shirts to online retail shops ready for post-launch. Someone too eager has published live, rather than on test. Possibly.

Regardless, what of the shirt?

Clean, crisp...just white. No yellow streaks or unnecessary complications. Just white. With collars.

I thought it (the above image) was photo-shopped when I first saw it, probably just an instinctive reaction to seeing something so simplistic in design. On closer inspection, you can zoom into the image on the above linked page, so appears to be fairly geninue. Which still remains my only concern (what with being paranoid and cynical that this has 'gone live' and remained so without anyone pulling it off the site, thus creating hype/chat across blogs and Twitter and football message boards. Because what would be the point of that?)

Oh yeah.

Nice one Puma. You had as fooled with 'Guess the Kit' and all those zany designs.

Here's a mock up with a sponsor, via Glenroyid:



Spurs - any chance we can get rid of the red dot? Moon on a stick.

If this is the shirt, then well done to all involved in it's design. Although I'm thinking all they did was listen to what many of us have been demanding for so long and avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Although I'm wondering if I'd prefer it without the collars...