Referendum promised

Currently waiting for 'We are N17' to release their statement after their meeting with Daniel Levy. What we do know is that Mr Chairman has promised the fans (members? season ticket holders? dead people living in Florida?) a referendum meaning that if we 'win' the OS bid he'll ask for our vote prior to releasing the non-refundable £20M bond to seal the deal.

It's a fairly common acknowledgement that most supporters don't care either way (this isn't a dig at those who want to move and are vocal about it - I'm talking about the ones who would accept a move to probably anywhere and don't get involved in the debate). Fact is, there are thousands out there that don't bother with membership but would like tickets and know that Stratford would give them that, and asking why remaining in North London won't, is just fluff getting in the way of their seat.

Who get's to vote and how much weight people place on it's importance will...well, let's see if we get there first.

It's diplomatic PR by Levy. It's what we've asked for so nobody should complain. But everyone knows how the vote will go. Which begs the question why we bothered in the first place. It's nothing more than an olive branch which will perhaps weaken those that are currently pro-N17 and smooth the way to acceptance.


I'd once more point towards the NDP no longer being viable and the reasons behind it, along with the required transparency in relation to 'it's Stratford or we look to move outside of N17' (dearly like to know how much time, effort and cost would go into moving outside of N17 in comparison to remaining there) - but I'll no doubt get shot down by one or two who will tell me that Levy knows what he's doing and I shouldn't fret about the details what with me being a commoner and him being the dark overlord of Death Star investment company ENIC.

Cue Imperial March music.

Onwards, again.


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