Challenge Spurs™ 2011: Thou Shalt Not Lose

Challenge Spurs. It's back. In pog form. Well actually, it's just back in its standard blog format as it last appeared in full Technicolor during 2008 when the challenge concerned itself with the fixtures that stood before Redknapp and the two points eight games tag line.

A slightly more positive spin this time round, although equally as nerve-racking as past missions with the possibility of gut wrenching disappointment, the unwanted reward for failure.

Success however will open the gate to further glory. The next five games will define what the final eight will mean in our battle to remain Champions League for the 2012 season.

Five games, three away from the Lane sandwiched between two home games. Bolton up first on Saturday. Then Sunderland, Blackpool and Wolves before West Ham visit us in N17 to complete the challenge. What makes these five games special is that we play Meelan twice, home and away, in amongst the league games. Strength in mind, body and soul absolutely imperative as we face five Cup finals and two World Cups.

One game at a time.

At no point can we lose focus. At no point can we allow ourselves to look back with regret.

After the West Ham game, we'll be looking ahead, staring straight at the final eight Prem games - the run-in - either buoyant and inspired or dejected and backs firmly nailed to wall.

So what's required for (excluding Champions League) the five games? What basic winning mentality criteria, regardless of personnel on pitch, do we need to possess to rape and pillage our way through the opposition with brutal ruthlessness?

Team cohesiveness.
Work ethic.
Craft and creativeness.
Tactical astuteness.
Fighting spirit.

What happens on other battlefields is of no concern to us. Our only concern should be the obstacles that stand in our way. Such things as complacency and fear.

None of the above will matter if we play like utter dogsh*t and still win all the games. But to win with intent and purpose, to make a statement that will thunder it's way across to those other battlefields sending a defiant message that we stand tall (some taller than others) with no white flag of surrender in sight? Who needs reinforcements? Not us.

Eleven commanders on the field, no worship of false Gods and one simple commandment to live and die by. Thou shalt not lose.

Onwards to the Promised Land.