Spurs Moment of 2011

It's been emotional. More memories than your average Ibiza raver and just about the same amount of ecstasy.

The Milan smash and grab. Daniel Levy defeating the media and Chelsea. The performance against Liverpool at the Lane.

For me:

The North London Derby (although Levy retaining Modric might well prove to have a far more significant impact across the 2012 season, a genuine catalyst of change).

The win against the scum earlier this season at the Lane seemed routine. I was not nervous pre-game. We were favourites and lived up to that billing. Didn't even bother texting any gooners post-match. It almost feels that if we lose to them, it will be an upset rather than a return to normality - mainly because normality as of late has seen us claim the upper hand in the Prem games against them (we don't lose). Kyle Walker's celebration was not in any way similar to that Danny Rose goal. The Rose goal was a release. Walker's was the arrival of expectancy. The celebration so nonchalant.

Not writing them off, but you can hardly dispute we look more complete and robust than they do. We just have to cement this and leave them standing behind us, statuesque.

You know what, screw 'em. The 1-0 away to Milan was far better.

It's worth remembering our loss of cohesiveness at the backend of the 2011 season and how tentative many of us were at the start of this season. The best thing about our progress is the fact that we are playing the football our tradition expects. As a purist, I can't ask for anything more.

Here's to a successful 2012.


Love the shirt.