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A casual conversation online leads to a pub meet-up in the North of London, a nervous recording or two...then a big bang in the way of a website, the birth of a community, an iphone app and thousands of weekly downloads.

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Here's our Top Five choice picks from The Fighting Cock podcast season thus far. Click on the episode titles to listen. Enjoy. Especially if you've not done so before.


Episode #05 - Hayley McQueen Loves Us

This is episode 5 of The Fighting Cock podcast, this week recorded (Wed 24th) at a secret location (ooh, hush hush) which wasn't a pub. Usual suspects present. We talk Tori Black, Hayley McQueen, Joey Barton (again) and Luka Modric (again, boo hiss boo). Spooky feebly apologises for last weeks Robbie Keane stat debacle and we've got a Utd defeat post-mortem and a City preview/hating session. There's also a shocking result in this weeks game of killer and the début of Nananalysis.

Emails too. Someone wins a book for the best answer re: What is the Tottenham Whisper? (although we still don't actually know what it is). Barry Glendenning gets slated and we slag off modern football and ask 'top 4 or trophy?' It will make you crymax.


Episode #07 - Don't Make Us Destroy You

It's Episode Seven. No Spooky this week, Thelonious Filth deputises, gentle applause please. Part I kicks off with a colourful round-up of what the Fighting Cock team have been up to. It's massively off-topic, so deal with it. We've got tall tales and blatant cheek from engineer Al, the defending of the C-word and a transfer deadline review. We also ask; What does Rafa van der Vaart do exactly? Part II sees a surprising head to head finale in a game of killer. We've got feedback, including an email that asks the poignant question: At what point does glory and success meet? And there's a NextGen report (via WindyCOYS). If that isn't enough, TehTrunk provides comedy voices aplenty. We end with a Twitter re-tweet mission update (come on Tommy, you've been warned). Also THANK YOU to Case. Listen in.


Episode #08 - Tottenham Is A Glory Hole

It's Episode Eight and it's an orgy of podcasters. Part I includes seagulling, a re-tweet update, we review a quality result up at Wolves including Scott Parker's début, Bale on the right (why?), preview Liverpool at the Lane, forward tactics and ask the question two trophies or 4th place finish? Part II is jam-packed with a masterful edition of Killer and two BAE terrace songs (majestic vocals) sent in by listeners are sang by the team. Emails/feedback includes: Who will captain us going forward? Should Luka have been sold? Does Levy have a post-Redknapp managerial plan? We also discuss Ledley King and his knee and can success ruin the football experience? Also: Flav makes a nude threat and we slate Stratford lovers. Just because.

Episode #11 - North London Is Ours

It’s Episode 11. We discuss the North London Derby. Then we follow it up with the North London Derby. And then we sprinkle the pod further with the North London Derby. Part I includes: Favourite moments, Bell and Hare fight club, overall thoughts on the 2-1, van der Vaart's impact, we applaud the GIANT that is Scott Parker and Chicago Dan shares an amazing stat. Flav has some gooner quotes and Ricky gets bothered. We preview Newcastle with ample irreverence and predictions. Part II covers Forum Affairs with chit chat on Carlo Ancelotti, other potential hot seat suitors post Harry to England and White Ace cider. Engineer Al then has to go into bleep mode. We end with a discussion about the abusive chanting. Where do the authorities draw the line? Where do we draw the line? Controversial.


Episode #21 - Off The (Cycling) Tracks

It’s Episode 21, a much more sober and sombre one this week. Our glorious unbeaten run was brought to an abrupt end by a cyclist who referees in his spare time. Kaboul’s fire has been put out. Flav is on the brink of immortality in the POTW stakes. Windy goes Pearl Harbour wiv da knowledge. Dan Louw’s fantastic Away Days series makes another appearance. The FC crew remain full of confidence for what will be a pivotal 6 weeks for Spurs. Thelonious does Botswana, not literally obviously. And we’re having a party, bring your vodka and your…



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