This is what it should look like

by @hey_Indy

The English Premier League is an absolutely huge product today all around the globe. With top football clubs in the league having such a global reach, the club’s website is often the best way to connect with the thousands, if not millions of fans across the globe.

As a football fan, I know only too well the raw emotion the game can evoke and understand the want for fans to interact with the club and be accessible to as much information as possible. This includes checking fixture lists, buying match tickets, reading match reports and learning about any injury news. With ever improving broadband speeds, video content is being used more, and ubiquitous social media channels also can now be better integrated into websites.

I decided to create a concept site for Tottenham Hotspur in which I wanted to show my own processes of web design. Typically in a large scale project I would hope to be part of a large team consisting of project managers, creative directors, UX designers and other designers. However for this self imposed project I decided to wear all hats to come up with my own vision. I created something I feel is visually more appealing, and visually rich.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a purely conceptual project.



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