Here we go again

So, Modric. 4 years left on a 6 year contract. He'll cost Man Utd big. Let's say £40M non-inclusive of any additional payments made to charity and a fair price if you consider his age compared to Berbatov when he was sold to United and the fact Levy will do his utmost to drive the cost of the transfer up a few more million just before deadline day.

Add another £25M into the mix for Gareth Bale, again to the super-rich Man Utd. Keep on waving those green and gold scarves. And then there's the unquestionable £35M+ for Lennon to Man City and it's happy days down at the Lane. We could also try flogging Dawson to Liverpool, on the cheap, for let's say £16M. Because they're also well minted.

Have I missed anyone out? Oh yeah, Keane to Wolves, £500K. That should give us plenty for the war chest.

Here's hoping Daniel mentions Messi in his programme notes this weekend.