Just Given my thoughts...

We could discuss all day the ethics of signing a keeper on an emergency loan when you already have nine goalkeepers on your books and four available even when the rules apparently cite that when you're down to just two, you can draft in a replacement. Which isn't relevant here because City have four and still signed ex-Spurs player Marton Fulop.

Yes yes, the FA Premier League are looking after their chosen son to replace Liverpool in the Top 4, permitting and aiding them to recover some form of stability with Given's absence due to injury blah blah blah. And this is surely the crux of it, the crux having gone missing in all the musings and disapprovals.

The crux being, City no longer have Given between the sticks. Anything less than Given is already a bonus to any side facing them. Even more important is the fact that we still haven't played Bolton at home and acquired the three points that would take the potential for St Totteringham's Day forward to the penultimate game of the season...at Eastlands and hopefully avoided altogether going into the final away day of the 2010 season at Burnley.

So how about we all stop bitching about the injustice, smash Bolton to bits and then concern ourselves about City's outfield players and what potential damage they might do to us whilst posing them several questions with Modric (crafting), Bale (beasting) and Lennon (dinking) asking away and hopefully leaving Mancini's men with no time to answer.


Okay, yeah?