FAO Daniel Levy

Ignoring the textbook media reports in the build up to Saturday's game that Manchester United are going to be looking at signing Gareth Bale in the summer for £20M (LOL), I'll further ignore delving deep into commentary over this 'rumour' and the subsequent discussions arising on both Spurs and Utd forums about the young Welsh monkey-God. Other than pointing out the success of Berbatov and Carrick since their departures. Both decent players. But both undervalued (it would seem) by many United fans. Although Bale is something quite different from these two and United were interested in the lad before we signed him. I suspect others will also knock on our door and wave money in our faces.

I'll get straight to the concluding point.

Gareth Bale. New Contract. Make it happen. Now.

Daniel, please make this summer a Tottenham Foundation contribution free summer*.


*Please feel free to make a contribution if you're not in anyway associated with Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool etc etc